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Roof Tear-Off in Wayne NJ

We started by tearing off the existing shingles. Once we got to the bare roof decking, all damage from the tree branch falling was then repaired. We then installed six feet of ice & water barrier, then installed Owens Corning Pro Armor synthetic underlayment on the remaining portions of the roof./P>

Once the old shingle were torn off, the decking was repaired, the ice & water barrier were installed and the synthetic underlayment added, we installed the shingles. For this roof, our roofers installed Owens Corning Duration Tru Definition shingles in the Brownwood color. The Tru Def shingles also come with a 25 year warranty, which makes this an excellent choice. We also replaced all of the existing gutters and downspouts with new aluminum ones in the royal brown color.

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  • StartJanuary 12, 2021
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